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Corvallis Passport

Travel to your favorite Corvallis Bars & Restaurants and Explore Vivacity Spirits signature cocktails!
Explorer's Details
  1. Pick up your Corvallis Passport at participating locations, OR on Facebook and Instagram @ExploreVivacity follow the trail through social media. 
  2. Post your cocktails and your restaurant travels on Facebook and Instagram with the #ExploreVivacity and don't forget to tag us @ExploreVivacity and the restaurant you traveled to. 
  3. Visit your favorite Corvallis Bars and Restaurants ordering the Vivacity Passport Cocktail! (which vary by location)
  4. Just like an exploration, document your travels! Post photos of your Vivacity Passport Cocktails and your travels to share your experience! 
  5. Make sure your hit all 11 locations documenting and sharing your travels through Corvallis. All the while experiencing the best that Corvallis has to offer! 


Good luck on your travels New Vivacity Explorers

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