Crafted by: The Lane County Farmers Market

1/2 peach skinned and smashed
1oz Lola's lemon fennel shrub
A splash of Fresh Press Northwest straight ginger juice
.5 oz farm fresh egg white
1.5 oz Vivacity Muscat Brandy P'iscu
Top with a splash of Wildcraft cider(lilac, peach or rose, I used lilac)
Garnish with fresh edible market flowers(calendula and borage shown here)

Method: Slice peach in half. Remove skin. Add to a pint glass, smash it, releasing all that juicy goodness. Add shrub and a small splash of ginger juice (up to you how much! It's strong!) Crack egg, separate egg white, add to mix. First, dry shake (without ice), about 30 shakes. Then add ice, continue shaking. Fine strain into a pretty glass. Some like crushed ice, some don't! Garnish with edible flowers. Enjoy.

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann