One of the more interesting things we deal with in our business is feedback. Feedback can be either positive or negative and it can either be face to face or online.

The best possible thing is when someone gushes over our product in person. I will admit this can make me feel a bit uncomfortable at times, especially when the person is really adamant in their praise.

However, I do love to overhear someone telling another person how good our product is. It is validation that we are doing a job well done.

Reading a good review of our Spirits is an amazing thing. There is something a little surreal about seeing it in writing though.

On rare occasions I have been the focus of someone not liking our Spirits. Wow, is that weird! I have been told point blank and at great length how bad (I’m being nice here) our Spirits are (“I hope you don’t have any connection with this company”). The first time this happened to me I was crushed and had a knot in my stomach (major ego deflation and panic). I wanted to get away from this person and they kept going on and on. With time you do get the thick skin required to weather these occasional assaults. In the end I became aware that what they were really telling me was that they didn’t care for our Spirits. Now, I don’t take it personally.

I have never had the experience of reading bad things about our Spirits, so I’m not sure how I would react.

In the end feedback, good or bad, can be valuable. Once you wade through all the noise you can usually glean a few nuggets of useful information from it and hopefully put it to good use.

If you decide to give someone feedback I would suggest you give them specific feedback. If you love it or hate it, what is it specifically you love or hate?


By Christopher M Neumann

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann