Vivacity Fine Vodka raises the bar on taste, quality, and drinkability.  One sip and you’ll realize how revolutionary craft distilling can be.  The mouth feel is silky, the taste is rich, smooth and amazing.

Vivacity Vodka is made from corn and attention to detail.  We wanted to both preserve and show off the raw beauty of our vodka.  Our complex distillation and filtering processes highlight all the nuances of this smooth taste which is backlit by a sophisticated finish.  Just as all great artists know, beauty in its natural state is always alluring. 

You don’t need to dress up our vodka.  We are proud to say that Vivacity Vodka stands with the best sipping vodkas.  But if you must mix…. Mix responsibly – Subtlety is a virtue


ALC. 40% by VOL.  80 Proof, 750 ML.