With the launch of the first Vodka produced by Corvallis-based Vivacity Spirits, Oregon can boast the first woman owned craft distillery in the Willamette Valley and on good authority. Not since the days of bobbed hair and bathtub gin have women played a role in the production of distilled spirits. 

Vivacity Spirits is owned and operated by Caitlin Prueitt and her partner and spouse, Chris Neumann. 

Caitlin brings not only her passion for distilling, but extensive knowledge in the fermentation sciences with a degree from OSU and deep experience working in wineries, breweries, and lab settings. Operating a craft, microdistillery, her plans are to provide an expanded flavor experience with new and interesting tastes, crafted with locally sourced products.

Chris is a master craftsman with a background in all things construction and wood crafted. He takes great pride in the detail oriented aspects of his craft, and has always enjoyed fine spirits. 

In founding Vivacity Spirits, Caitlin and Chris joined their skills and passions, past and present, to create a distilled spirit worth showing off and sharing. Consider the combined years of hands on experience and it is easy to see why they will create distilled spirits that others can only dream of creating.