Winter is coming! And that means its Turkish Coffee Liqueur season. The impetus for our Liqueur was to have a beverage that you could sit down and enjoy with a friend, while having a nice discussion and preferably in front or a roaring fire. In my opinion there is nothing finer than to sit with friends and talk. No TV, no texting, no distractions; just sit and talk to your friends face to face, while enjoying a great beverage. That is what community is about. I personally like to mix our Turkish Coffee Liqueur with a nice Bourbon (50/50) and an ice cube. To me it harkens back to the days when I would go to our local coffee/tea house and hang out with my friends. I feel that, today, everyone is in such a rush to get somewhere or to be in touch with their “friends” that they forget the people sitting right in front of them. Slow down and enjoy life. It goes by fast enough. So my suggestion for the Holidays is to get together with some special friends, crack open a bottle of Vivacity Spirits Turkish Coffee Liqueur and have a great discussion! Cheers! From Vivacity Fine Spirits!

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann