Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future…


The question is how fast is it slippin’ and what are you trying accomplish in that time? I am sure almost everyone has heard about Einstein’s time paradox.


"An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour." -Albert Einstein


How many times have you done a task for a few, long boring, hours (can you say paperwork) only to discover that you have only been at it for fifteen minutes to half an hour? My problem is quite the opposite. I will be doing something for a few minutes and an hour or two flies by. When the day is over I look back at it and see that I didn’t accomplish much at all. The next thing you realize it’s a new week, a new month and what year is it again (dare I say what decade)? I hate feeling like I am wasting my time.


Of course time is a constant. It’s our perception of it that changes (and it only goes by faster as we get older). That’s why I am a big fan of “To Do:” lists and why I keep a daily log book (especially important for work). At the end of the day I can see what I have accomplished (and still need to accomplish). Sometimes I surprise myself with how productive I really was (other times it makes me want to cry).


Seeing how fast my life is passing by makes me understand that I must make the time for the important things, like spending quality time with my family and friends (be sure to tell them how much you love them), doing something you really enjoy (walking on the beach, in the mountains, or pursuing a hobby) or learning something new (maybe travel abroad?).


Sometimes it’s as simple as snuggling with my wife in front of a fire, at the end of a long day, and (this time of year) enjoying a Hot Buttered Rum together (using Vivacity Spirits Traditional Rum, of course!). Now that’s never a waste of my time.



Christopher M Neumann

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann