I run into people who are amazed at the quality of our products at such a reasonable price point. They gush how awesome and special it is and then they say that it should be used only for special occasions. Thank you and you are mistaken. Yes I think our products are pretty amazing, are priced so that the average person can enjoy amazingly good spirits without breaking the bank and the price point is exactly why our Spirits should be your daily Spirits, not just for “special occasions”. I also get the statement that since they are sipping smooth it would be a crime to mix them. So they will get a cheaper Spirit for mixing. Again, thank you and you are mistaken. Yes our Spirits are extremely smooth and that’s also why they make an excellent mixed drink. If you have to burry your alcohol in mixer to make it tolerable, I think something is fundamentally wrong with your concept of enjoying a beverage. Now, I enjoy sitting in front of a roaring fire, sipping on a fine Spirit, with a good friend and having an intense conversation as much as anyone else but I also enjoy an amazing Native gin and tonic (or 2) while walking through my mother-in-law’s garden. What I’m saying is, to put it bluntly, you can’t polish a turd.

The other thing I hear from people is that they are going to a party and they wouldn’t think of bringing such a fine Spirit as ours to share with their friends. They would horde it for themselves. Do you ever wonder why your friends don’t bring anything decent to drink to your parties? Again, at $23.95, our Vodka is a great value (especially when we get compared to Grey Goose at $35.95 or Belvedere at $30.95). I say to you, share the tastiness! Be the one with taste at your next gathering and bring a little Vivacity to the crowd. Cheers!

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann