The burning question of the day is whether to mix Vivacity Spirits or to sip them straight. My definitive answer is…it’s your drink, make it how you want. At tastings we get a lot of people who taste our products and then inform us that they are too good to be used in a mixed drink. My reply to that is it’s like tasting a vine ripened tomato or a perfectly ripe apple from the tree and declaring that it’s too good to put into a salad or into a pie. A quality spirit is going to make a quality drink.  Otherwise you can use lower quality Spirits, bury them in juice and you get to play the “Is-there-alcohol-in-this?” game and by the time you figure out that there is indeed alcohol in the punch you are generally pretty drunk and you also have just drank your weight in sugar. That can be a very bad combination!

At Vivacity Spirits our Spirits are designed to be so smooth you can sip them neat. This also means that if you do choose to mix them you only have to accent them with a mixer, thus giving you a well-balanced drink. I mean how can you turn down an amazing Native Gin and tonic or perhaps you might want to try a Corvallis Blunderbuss (equal parts Vivacity Spirits Turkish Coffee Liqueur and 4 Spirits Bourbon). Cheers!


AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann