In business as in life, find a mentor. This should be someone who can help guide you through the rough seas that are the business world and the world in general.

What is a mentor? In a nut shell a mentor is someone who gives you their opinion on certain situations and what course of action you should take. Now a lot of people reading this are thinking, “Well, I just love giving people my opinion and telling them what they should do. I must be an awesome mentor.”

A mentor does not tell people what to do. They respond to a person’s questions and give them different options, from the benefit of their experience; the person can then act upon it as they choose.

The nice thing is that you can be mentored and be a mentor yourself. You need guidance in certain things and through your experiences you can offer guidance to others. It’s all in the giving. Remember, when the tide comes in all boats float.

You can have more than one mentor.  Rarely will one person have all the answers. Find different people with different life skills and pick their brains. You will be surprised at how people will be happy to drop pearls of wisdom, as long as they don’t feel you are wasting their time.

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann