A quick note here; some of you may want to make “moonshine”. Moonshine is alcohol produced and sold that you have not paid the Federal taxes for, in other words illegal alcohol. If you find “Moonshine” in a liquor store, it’s not.

The traditional path for a multi-Spirit distillery seems to be that you are going to make a whiskey but since it needs to age for a while you will either need to sit on it for your ageing time or make something in the meantime to bring some money. Clear Spirits do not need to be aged and, therefore, have a quicker turnaround time. In our case we decided our first product would be Vodka. Now if you go to a liquor store and look at the shelves you will see that there are quite a few Vodkas on the shelf. But what is Vodka anyways?

-Christopher M Neumann


AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann