So now that we know what Vodka is by definition I would go to the liquor store and browse the aisles to see what is available. Until recently the Vodka section was a fraction of what it is today. With the introduction of flavored Vodkas the vodka section has swelled to unprecedented proportions.

We felt that flavored vodkas were going to be a passing fad and frankly neither of us care for them, so why would I want to make one? (See previous post on making what you like to drink)

Next came the fun part. We purchased numerous bottles of different vodkas that we thought represented a broad cross section of the Vodka category. Sampling Spirits and really paying attention is a very fun activity. We approached it like we were judging a competition and I was actually surprised at how different vodkas were (given the definition of Vodka).

Which Vodka did we like the best?

The one we ended up making.

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann