This post is about slowing down a bit and really enjoying the good things in your life (Mainly your family and friends, preferably with a nice Vivacity Spirit at hand). In our everyday life we are surrounded by so much noise. Some of it is internal (the noise in our heads). The other is external noise. Today I’m going to write about the external noises that distract us from simply being and do not afford us the luxury of enjoying the simple things in our life. I am amazed at how connected everyone is, they have friends all over the globe and can tell you about anything happening in the news. They have their smart phone and are happily plugged in texting, youtubing funny cat videos or perusing Facebook and yet, when was the last time you actually sat face to face with one of your friends or family and just talked? Heaven knows how busy we all are and the distractions are all around us but if you don’t stop, once in a while, and look up, you will find that a lot of life has passed you by.

So, here’s my suggestion:

Turn off the TV

Turn off all the distracting electronic devices

Gather a good friend(s) or family member(s)

Pour each of you a nice cocktail made with Vivacity Fine Spirits or sip it neat

Find a nice comfortable place to sit and have a conversation

Because that’s why we made Vivacity Spirits so smooth. So you could sit around and enjoy them with your family and friends.


AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann