In our everyday life we judge and are judged solely on appearance. In the Pacific Northwest we have a very casual attitude towards dress codes to say the least. Sometimes this is not a bad thing other times I think it is awful.

I have a friend who is a software engineer. At one time he was working from home; he was getting ready to code and was dressed pretty nicely. I asked why he was dressed “for the office” when he was home alone. His response was, yes, he could code in his underwear but he felt that by dressing professionally he acted and felt more professional and that it was reflected in his work.

I have taken this attitude to heart. I am dressed “for work” every day and I will admit that dressing well makes me feel a bit better (Do the clothes make the man?) and when someone drops in for a visit they are greeted by, hopefully, someone pleasing to their eyes with all the information they could want (sometimes more than they want). Dressing well also keeps in line with our image. We produce very well crafted Spirits for the sophisticated palate and to be dressed in cut off sweats and a stained t-shirt would not go over very well.  On the other hand if we produced “moonshine”, people would be more inclined to expect a dressed down person making the product.

It all comes down to personal preference but I would suggest you try it sometime. You might be surprised how your message is accepted more readily when you are dressed more professionally. Cheers!  

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann