By this point we should have the perfect coming together of all our pieces. We have the type of Spirit, our specific profile and the equipment to distill it on (we will assume you know how to operate your still by now). So now we make our first large production run (or in our case we did a bunch of small production runs added together); being new to this process and not completely trusting the equipment we did all our filtering only when one of us was present (later we realized how much more efficient it was to run the filter all through the night). Following our recipe we ended up with just under 125 gallons of Vodka or 52.5 cases (actual numbers). Of course the proof was in the pudding (so to speak); we tasted our newly minted Vodka and professed it to be worthy of bottling. I dread to think what we would have done if we weren’t happy with it.

A quick note:

The question arises; don’t we want everyone to like our Spirits?

And the answer is: No. If I made a Spirit that everyone liked I will have just reinvented vanilla and not everyone likes vanilla.


--Christopher M Neumann


AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann