Two down and the closure to go.

 Following my bottle “theme” we chose to have a wood topped closure with real cork and we decided that I would brand the top with our “V” logo (this was done by hand for the first two years). On top of that, all of the branded V’s had to be in the correct orientation in the bottle (and still do).

Next came the safety seal. This is used to make sure no one has sampled a bottle before you have purchased it or added anything to said bottle. It can be anything from the classic strip of paper over the top to a shrink wrap bottle topper. We chose to go with a clear safety cap with a peel off top (it had a small gold tab to pull). This was also oriented to the front of the bottle.

To me, it’s all in the attention to detail; from the Spirit itself to the finished product you hold in your hand.

--Christopher M Neumann

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann