So, you now have your Spirit, your label (with COLA approval) and your bottle choice. Now all you need to do is order everything and you are off to the races.

In actuality you will have been doing multiple things at once:

(Caitlin refers to this as juggling a bunch balls and getting them all to land at the exact same time)

You will have contacted the bottle company and set terms for purchasing bottles, ordered them and, at least, have them in transit.


You will have ordered your closures, safety seals and, at least, have them in transit.


You will have submitted your label design to the printer, reviewed the proofs, set the terms for purchase and submitted your order.


You will have your labeling machine and bottle filler in place and working properly.

Doing only one process at a time and then moving to the next would lengthen your timeline to extreme proportions.

The trick is to keep up on your inventory so you never run out of anything. (Sometimes not as easy as you would think)


AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann