Now it’s time to put all the pieces of your puzzle together. If you haven’t already distilled your product you should do so.

I guess I should mention that you have a choice to make here. Do you label empty bottles first and then fill them or fill them and then label them? (Our bottle shape dictated that we label first then fill).

If you choose to label empty bottles first, you will need to estimate how many bottles you will need. This can lead to too few or too many bottles labeled.

A quick side note:

There are 2.3775 Gallons of liquid to a case of 750 mL bottles. (You need to know this for tax purposes)

Also, when estimating volume, don’t forget about the miscibility of fluids. This is when 2 liquids added together don’t add up evenly. The miscibility of alcohol and water is .96 (meaning that 50 + 50 = 96)

If you choose to fill the bottles first; you will have to deal with the extra weight of the full bottles while labeling (at least you will always have the exact amount of labeled bottles).

Now it’s time to have a filling party! We have found that a three person team can fill a batch of Vodka in about 3.5 hours (longer if things don’t go quite correctly).

-Christopher M Neumann

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann