Here is a basic list of the things you will need to bottle your product:

·       Bottles

·       Labels

·       Closures- corks

·       Safety Seals

·       Labeling Machine

·       Bottle Filler

·       Something to shrink the Safety Seals


We looked at a lot of different bottles from many different companies (there are about a dozen or so companies each having dozens of different bottles available). When we found a bottle that we liked we made a note and poured over the catalogs some more. When we were done we had about 6 bottles we liked so we contacted the companies and asked for a sample. 

Pictures may be worth a thousand words but holding something in your hand, feeling its heft and seeing it in person is priceless. Having the bottles in hand really made the final decision much easier for us.

--Christopher M Neumann

AuthorCaitlin Prueitt & Chris Neumann